Cairn of Tears

a Scottish poem

And so they came on a far off evening up to the hilltop,
Child, and man, and woman.
Each with a stone wetted by their tears
And every stone they placed and made themselves a cairn
And called it Cairn an Dorin.
Here was their hill, a hill of sorrow
And they stood around in silence
For each stone held each their lives,
To be left here and seen from far upon this hill,
To be known to all the waters, and the far off lands,
To all the winds, the calm and the storm,
To the great cast shadowsa of the clouds
The rain, and the salt-sweet mist,
The sun and the shade of the seasons
Until the time each stone should fall and drop away
As brittle lichen falls,
Finding no life within the dying tree.
Silent they stood looking around and round
And then they went down the dark pathways to the sea.